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Each student is unique, develop the student’s potential talents and abilities in music, and reach beyond his/her music possibilities to achieve excellence






Thank you for all the teaching you’ve done for her! She loves having you as her piano teacher and we are so fortunate we found you! She is looking up to you and hope to become a piano player as great as you, so thank you for inspiring her. She always loves to hear you play!!

-- Sandrine ***

Thank you for guiding XX through the CM process, the recital, and giving her a chance to be the master of ceremonies. She told me after the recital that she now understands that Ms.Mei is strict but supportive and Ms.Mei thinks we can always achieve more than what the students think they can. I was very happy to hear that.

Seeing all your students perform and grow shows us what an excellent teacher you are!

-- padma ***

A good teacher is always equipped with some obvious qualities, such as buoyancy, patience, fairness and flexibility. Being an excellent teacher, you also challenge your students to work beyond their reaches. Amazingly, you are so skillful in breaking a formidable goal down into many smaller achievable steps. As a result of the strategy, the young students from our household who are sometimes extremely playful and naughty were very much encouraged and inspired. Those experiences are precious. The music is eternally beautiful, while the path to the beauty is indisputably a life journey. You have been helping the kids embrace the music. We REALLY appreciate it!

According to many well-applauded research studies, playing piano will have a significant positive effect on children’s brain development. More specifically, some neuro pathways in brain which are critical in transferring highly intellectual thinking are being refined. What means one bad news for us, the devoted parents: we will be outwitted by our kids, sooner and by a much larger margin.

-- Wei ***


Ms.Mei Yin's piano class has been the best thing for my 5 yr old daughter. She perfectly balances the lessons with fun activities and understands the temperament of the child in planning the session for the day. While she rightly insists on daily practice and repeats a lesson until the student gets it right,she doesn't apply much pressure on the child which can potentially turn a young child off from the class. My daughter has not once complained about coming to class!

As a parent with no formal training in western classical music, Ms.Mei Yin patiently answers my questions and shows me the techniques so that I can guide my child during the practice sessions. She has a warm and friendly personality which endears her to the child. I strongly recommend her to any parent who wants music to be a part of their child's life.

-- Padma ***


尹老师教学非常认真负责, 注重细节, 在技巧训练中让孩子从一开始就养成良好的习惯. 同时尹老师很有爱心和耐心, 为人随和又富幽默感, 善于培养孩子的兴趣, 上课气氛认真而又轻松活跃. 尹老师能用儿童听得懂的语言讲解很多高深难懂的乐理知识, 以及对音乐作品的理解, 让我这个旁听者也觉得获益匪浅.


-- Richard ***


Mei Yin is an ideal piano teacher for children. She is patient and kind and keeps the child engaged in the lesson by working with them on a variety of activities throughout the lesson. While piano playing and learning proper technique are the main focus of the lesson, reviewing music theory and ear training is also an importand part of the lesson. This comprehensive approach to the lesson teaches the child not only how to play piano but also how to be a better musician by learning more about the music they are playing.

My son really enjoys his lessons with Mei and is excited by how much he has learned and progressed since he started his lessons with her. As a parent, I have personally seen how much his technique,knowledge of music theory, and overall playing skills have improved since we started lessons with Mei. I would strongly recommend Mei Yin Piano Studio to any parent.

-- Stacey ***


My son loves Ms. Yin's piano lessons dearly and he enjoys the weekly 45-minute very much. Ms.Yin is a very inspiring teacher who can greatly motivate a student. She attaches a great importance to developing good habits and is very good at nurturing a deep-rooted interest in music in her students, which I think is the key for a kid to truly enjoy the piano.

Also she is extremely easy-going that my son likes to share his happiness and "pain" of practicing piano with her. We are so fortunate to have Ms. Yin as our piano teacher.

-- *** Hu


Ms. Mei’s teaching style is uncompromising on the fundamentals, and I have found that to be very beneficial in the proper development of my son’s skills. Her patient persistence with ensuring that the techniques such as finger positioning, tempo, note reading, etc., are correct, made a noticeable impact on his learning curve.

She is very good at handling the attention span of a five-year old, making the experience fun but focused, encouraging and rewarding but uncompromising on disciplined learning. I would highly recommend her.

-- *** Menon


As a professional piano teacher, Ms. Mei Yin is warmhearted and kids-oriented. She knows how to teach the boring technical theory in a relax and entertained way. My daughter enjoys the ear training and card game sessions while she could get off the bench. However she is still quite insisting on the foundamental skills by correcting my daughter's fingers all the time.

I strongly recommend her to any parents.

-- Qian ***