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Each student is unique, develop the student’s potential talents and abilities in music, and reach beyond his/her music possibilities to achieve excellence




Mei Yin's Biography


Mei Yin, outstanding professional piano educator for awarded students of international piano competitions and California offical piano examinations of Certificate of Merit.

She received two outstanding Piano Teacher Diplomas of International Young Musician Competition & Gifted Musicians Festival in music education and students' achievements in 2019.

She was appraised "A fine teacher" by the official piano evaluators of Certicate of Merit.

She is a member of Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), and currently works as a piano instructor at Greene Music Education Center and Mei Yin Piano Studio.

Mei holds an M.A. in Education and a B.A. in Music Education from California State University in San Marcos, and Majored in Piano Performance & Pedagogy at the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China.

Her students actively participate in various official piano competitions and boast quite prestigious placements and awards in various international competitions and festivals:

On student awarded First Prize Winner of 2020 International Music Competition 'Salzburg' Grand Prize Virtuoso and selected to perform at the awards ceremony at the Wiener Saal. Mozarteum.

One student awarded the 3rd Prize of the 19th AADGT International Young Musicians Festival "Passion of Music 2020" and performed at the Winners' Concert in New York.

Another student awarded the Gold Medal(First Place) at the International Young Musician Festival AADGT 2019 and participated in the winners' concert at Carnegie Hall, New York.

Another student was the Winner of International Young Musicians Competition “AADGT XXV”2019 and invited to New York for professional video recording.

Her students got rewards from different piano competitions in San Diego: Some of her students received the 3rd place and Honorable Mentions at the South California Youth Mozart Festival for 2018-2019 year.Others placed in 4th, 6th, and 7th at the California Sonata Contests between 2013 & 2018, with even more receiving honorable mentions.

Annually, her students were awarded as the outstanding piano students for the California State Honors, San Diego Branch Honors, and received the highest repertoire rating(Five) to perform at the annual MTAC convention recitals. Her students received the highest ratings(Excellent) from the official California piano evauations of Certificate of Merit.

Mei has highly professional piano-teaching experiences with strong strategies and methodologies for beginner, intermediate & advanced piano students. She enjoys teaching very much, and has a strong grasp on early childhood education, child psychology, musicology, music aesthetics, piano pedagogy, and music education. She respects each student's own pace and makes individualized lesson plans to suit their needs. Mei has a very warm personality and has sincere long term relationships with her students. Her teaching goals are to develop and motivate students' music interests and cheer on every step of her students' progress. Mei believes that each student is unique, to develop the student's potential music talents and abilities, and reach beyond he/her possibilities to acheieve excellence.





尹老师是加州音乐教师协会MTAC会员, 目前在Greene Music Education Center, 及Mei Yin Piano Studio 担任钢琴教师。



一名钢琴学生获得2020年演奏家国际音乐大奖赛奥地利萨尔茨保站钢琴比赛第一名, 并受邀参加维也纳金色大厅获奖者音乐会。

一名钢琴学生在2020年获得第19届国际音乐天才青少年钢琴比赛第三名, 并受邀参加纽约获奖者音乐会演奏。


一名钢琴学生2019年是国际青年音乐家比赛“AADGT XXV”的获奖者,并被邀请到纽约进行专业钢琴演奏录像。

尹老师的学生们在圣地亚哥各类钢琴比赛中获奖。学生们获得South California Youth Mozart Festival的第三名和荣誉奖 2018-2019,获得加州 Sonata Contest的第四名,第六名,第七名和荣誉奖 2013-2018。

尹老师的学生们每年作为杰出的钢琴学生荣获加州钢琴学生荣誉奖,圣地亚哥钢琴学生荣誉奖,并获得钢琴演奏考试最高分5,入选国家级钢琴会议MTAC Convention 进行钢琴表演。学生们在每年的加州官方钢琴考级中获得最高评语Excellent。