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-- Making music is a lifetime enjoyment. Piano playing encourages early training of hands, eyes, and ears coordination that contributes to a child's intelligence.


Studio Policy


I am extremely excited about teaching your children. I wanted to share some information that would help to make our piano program going smoother. 

Payments: Tuition must be paid on the ?rst lesson of each month by cash or personal check. A $10 late fee will be added to a tuition payment after 15th of each month. Please make your check payable to Mei Yin.

Communication: In order to give the valuable and limited class time to your child, email & phone call are the most efficient ways to communicate with me when you have concerns or questions about your child’s piano lesson.  I will respond at the time when I can with my full attention. 

Learning Environment: A very important part of your child’s development is gaining independence and self confidence. To create a positive learning environment, to ensure your child to have a smooth and successful piano lesson, parents may only QUIETLY observe your child’s lesson during the lesson time. It is brief you can ask your questions at the beginning or end of the class.

Regular Class Attendance (Except holidays & vacations):

    1. A notice must be given for missed lesson. It is a requirement to notice me ASAP before the lesson time. We can reschedule it or a credit will be given. Without a notice, the lesson is forfeited. No credit for missed class.
    2. Students are allowed to have ONE absence per month for credit. Students will not be entitled to credit if they miss more than one lesson that is allowed in each month.
    3. You will get a credit if the class is cancelled from the teacher’s side.
    4. Please be prompt with your child’s lesson time. Time will not be taken away from the following students’ lesson to accommodate late arrivals.
    5. A 2 weeks notice is required when your child will no longer participate in the program.

Vacations & Holidays:

    1. A notice is required from the parent side for vacations, and the student may choose to skip classes until he/she comes back. I offer a 2-month freeze policy.
    2. For classes in holidays, those will be optional classes for attending.

Audio & Video Policy: For copyright purpose, parents are not allowed to take a lesson video or audio.

Suggestions for Practice at Home: Practice requirements: at least practice 5 days/ week. Minimum daily practice time: 15-30 (or above) minutes which will depend on the child’s level and age.

To build the student’s independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, students need to practice independently at home. Parents please support your children & enjoy the music time at home.